IELTS Exam Tip 2

Listening Tip

When you have to complete short-answer questions, remember that the questions are in the same order as the information in the recording.

Remember to stick to the word limit.

Reading Tip

Locating information and Matching headings tasks are similar. In both, you have to match information to sections of a text.

The difference is that headings generally summarise information in a section while locating information questions usually pick out a key point.

Writing Tip

Make sure you complete your essay by writing a conclusion, even if this consists of only one sentence.

If you are running short of time, it is better to shorten or omit one of your body paragraphs than to fail to complete the task.

Speaking Tip

You can be asked to talk about things you like or dislike in all three parts of the IELTS Speaking module.

To do well, youíll need to be able to express your feelings confidently and correctly, using a variety of expressions.

Donít forget to give reasons too!